Geweld by Hoërskool Delportshoop wek ook kommer

Dit is nie net by die Hoërskool Overvaal waar daar probleme is met die plasing van leerlinge nie. Lees wat sê dr. Wynand Boshoff, die VF Plus se provinsiale leier in die Noord-Kaap, oor probleme wat tans in Delportshoop ondervind word.

The atavist!

I am not an atavist. I would, however, like to invite you down memory lane, to the precolonial communal communities of our country. Today the students at higher education institutions are up in arms demanding free and decolonised education. Was there education then?

The Rome Statutes Treaty

“It is certainly disingenious of the DA to try and suggest that the government is inherently genocidal and that by pulling out of the Treaty it hopes to get impunity and reciprocity. Nothing could be further from the truth!” – Motsau

Road rage unacceptable

Reader witnesses 2 grown men gang up against a young boy near the Block House

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