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Esther Engelbrecht

One of the most critical essential health for your brain is body movement, such as physical exercise. As much as we all don’t really like going to the gym or feel to exhausted after working hours to get our bodies moving, we do somehow need to get some physical exercise in, and when I say exercise, I’m not talking about just cleaning your home or outside in the garden (although it feels like exercise), I’m talking about slowly doing some normal 10-20 minutes of brisk walking, running, swimming, cycling, and so forth. These all get the blood circulation and those wonderful chemicals called endorphins pumping and gets the brain thinking, learning more easily, good memory, fighting diseases, and even sleeping much more easily.

I’m not saying go full speed ahead if you’re not use to much exercise, but a little at a time and then slowly building your exercise time up after few weeks will be an appropriate way to start and go on.  Your body will adapt and you will notice a change in your mental health, especially concentration. So if you use to get tired easily when sitting in front of your laptop all day working, you should see results of yourself not feeling so worn out and having a longer consecration span and a “feel good” atmosphere due to the endorphins that are released during your exercising.

Another thing that will be noticed is the ability to sleep peacefully, as your brain overworks during the day, accommodated with everyday stress and pressure, you’ll notice the ability to “switch off” at bed time and wake up feeling much more refreshed and filled with new energy for the day and that would include mentally to not just physically.

Speaking of sleep, keep in mind sleep is just as essential for your brains heath. Exercise is the main key, but sleep is just as vital. There will be no point in doing all the exercise but have neglected your sleep. The brain needs at least 8 hours of sleep and as it helps with memory, learning, concentration, and even enhances your immune system and overall mood for the day. Something even more vital, sleep and exercise combined reduces buildup in the brain of an abnormal protein called beta-amyloid plaque. So stay positive and exercise and get that sleep in.

Then diet! Its true what they say, eat right and you will feel right. If you keep a balanced lifestyle of eating healthy foods at least 5-6 times a day with plenty water, your brain will automatically notice the difference and set of the right amount of energy it needs to use instead of your brain overworking its energy due to much junk foods and sugary drinks.

Ideas on how to exercise and eat right for your brain and lifestyle can be found on this web pages below;




In short, your brain needs exercise mentally and physically, a good sleeping pattern, and a well-balanced diet. If you want a long healthy life, these are your vital points. And no matter how your lifestyle may be, in some way everyone can manage to fit some of these healthy patterns in their day or even night. It’s your choice. Take care of your brain and live longer.

Photo: Google Images

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