These roads would provide employment for many

Vaalweekblad has in the past week received more than 30 complaints about the sad state of the roads in Vereeniging and specifically Three Rivers. Mrs Charlene Brown, who regularly travels through Vereeniging, wrote this week’s editorial comment, which summarizes most of the complaints:

On Sunday April 8 we travelled, once again, from Springs through the picturesque town of Three Rivers, Vereeniging, on the way to take our son back to Potchefstroom University.

I enjoy looking at the beautiful homes and gardens that line the route along Blackwood Street and Ring Road, but the beauty of the town is marred by the awful potholes.

Yes, the trucks which travel that road and the other roads in South Africa are responsible for the sad condition of our roads, but should the roads be allowed to fall into such a state of disrepair? Are the municipalities, or whoever is responsible, unable to repair the small holes before the road becomes one giant pothole?

The Gary Player intersection at Unitas Park Extension 1 does not even have a stop sign, although the word STOP is painted on the road, and most cars just whizz through.

The R54 (Houtkop Road) is lined with piles of litter, broken metal safety rails over a bridge, and overgrown islands, all contribu-ting to an air of neglect.

We should be proud of our country and its infrastructure, but sadly that road is just an example of the “don’t care” attitude that prevails.

The powers that be speak of job creation, well, that stretch of road would provide employment for many if only someone cared enough to task them with the job.


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