If I give up I have given up my humanity!

Lindie Lourens.


By Lindie Lourens

When did we decide that because we don’t talk the same language our lives don’t matter as much?
If I give up I have given up my compassion!
If I give up I will give up hope!
I started this shelter with the intention to save lives!!
To make a difference in the lives of as many animals’ lives as I could!
I have seen animals at deaths door and with TLC they have survived!
Not just survived but have turned into well adapted family pets!
Seven years ago when we got our first hit and run victim, the poor boy had three fractures on his one leg! The one vet said, amputate the leg, the second vet said euthanize and the third vet said leave the leg and let it heal! Today Billy is a professional snake killer and a loving dog that was not given a chance by anyone but the fact that we decided he deserved a chance!!
And yes he is still at the shelter! Never once considered for adoption! And some people out there think that a No Kill shelter is a Slow Kill shelter…. he is a gentle, balanced and loving animal that would be dead now! If the “others” had their way! And the saddest is that in the last seven years I have seen so many of our dogs that have been adopted after spending most of their life at the shelter….if we were a Kill shelter or Pro life shelter, they would have been dead now!! But we gave them a chance! A REAL chance to have a REAL life!
A question to you, the person that feels we are making the animals die a slow death at a No Kill shelter:
If nobody helped you when you wanted to give up in life, how lonely would you feel? How lonely would you BE?
If hope was taken away from you, would you still fight?
If we had no Hope, would we still fight for a better quality life?
If you take hope away from every creature would they bother going on?
We fight the fight WITH Love, not because we are Scared (Fear) of failure!!
Why is everyone so demotivated? Because we have a Cause worthy of all and every effort humanly possible but….
Nobody works together!
Everyone is fighting everyone else!
The Shelters are fighting with one another in stead of together!
I am being threatened by others and financial support stopped because I don’t do it the way they would do it!
Then PLEASE put your money where your Mouth is and You, since you think you can do it better than I can, please start your own Rescue CENTRE and Fight FOR Life.
Fight FOR Rights!
Fight For the VOICELESS helpless Animals!
If you think we are wasting our time saving lives then I have wasted my energy and a crap load of money on more than a 1000 animals that we have rehomed the last 7years!
No for ONE minute will I allow YOU to let me doubt my devotion!
Not for ONE second will I Allow you to break down all the effort we put in to helping “special needs” animals!
Not for a Split Second will I allow you to break my attention from what I have to do!
I Rescue Animals that are abandoned, and/or abused and Rehabilitate abused and neglected Animals and EACH ONE of them will have an equal opportunity to be Rehomed or die in PEACE belonging to the shelter as a home then if they don’t get adopted!
I PROMISE I WILL spend my last breath saving and making a difference in lives, because I am Passionate about what I do and I WILL prove to You, the NON believers, that Every LIFE is Worthy of being Saved!
We WILL Save lives and
We WILL keep Believing in the Cause!!
Not ONCE has a Dog Said to me DONT Save me when I have pulled them through deep depression and at death’s door!
Not once have they been unappreciated of the broken kennels and the torn blankets or the time we get to spend with them!
They, THE ANIMALS, appreciate every ounce of love, physical touch, tender word, pieces of blanket and food we give them, unlike the humans that ALWAYS want MORE and just don’t appreciate a little!
Baby steps will help us to grow and we will HOPE, PRAY and keep Loving What we Do!
We still have loving friends that still care and fight for the cause and we SALUTE YOU!! – Lindie Lourens
* Editor’s note: Anyone who would like to make a donation can contact Lindie on her Facebook page or call her on 083 650 9558.

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