Shine a (street)light on this problem!

The Vaaloewer community writes:

Our village Vaaloewer is in desperate need for Emfuleni to fix and switch on our street lights. (95% don’t work).

We received no service from Emfuleni over the past 10 months to resolve our continued request for fixing our street lights. (Since March 2017).

We experienced various serious crimes during January and February and it is all as a result of no street lights working.

We sent a list of the street names affected. In 14 of the streets there are no working street lights. In one street (Vaaloewer Lane) 25% of the lights work for 24 hours of the day, but the rest of the lights are dead all the time. In Riviersig Singel 100% of the street lights are working 24 hours of the day!

We reported these streets multiple times over the past months, but nothing has been done. We demand that these lights be fixed now.

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