Farm attacks: Don’t be a soft, easy target

Local resident John van Heerden was the guest writer of this editorial comment in Vaalweekblad of 22 November 2017:

In the past weeks social media, Facebook and WhatsApp groups are zinging about the farm murders and calls for action, petitions and protest marches, but every one is avoiding the main central issue, and that is that in the majority of farm attacks the victims were soft and easy targets:

Poorly prepared or non-existing defences.

Windows with no burglar guards.

No alarm and fighting dogs inside the house.

No weapon on the person.

Exposing themselves to multiple attackers.

Untrained family can do nothing but shout and scream.

Expecting the Police to protect you.

Open displays of wealth make you a prime target for every criminal, not just political thugs who follow instructions from politicians with their own agendas.

Refusing to realise this is Africa now, not an outpost of the West.

The Rule of Law does not apply to the criminals in the dark of the night. The vast majority of politicians blow their noses on the Constitution and use the Bible for toilet paper. Many South Africans don’t understand what they are up against: They scoff like sheep when you try to warn them of the hyenas.

They refuse to realise they are in a slow war of extermination and the criminals are wining. They refuse to be discrete and careful. They refuse to harden their defences as this will “interfere with their lifestyle”.

They refuse to see the Judas goats in the liberal media and in self serving politicians. Therefore they become prey for the hyenas. And like any herd of animals, the vast majority will ignore the predators catching and eating a member of the flock. That is the nature of sheep. They follow the Judas goats in the media mafia and political prostitutes, down the gangway to their death. That is the reality, people. You must stand on your own feet and take care of your family and those who are like minded. Do not make yourself a target. Be discrete and careful and keep your powder dry. The forces of Darkness are not stupid.

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