‘Mr Minister, please save white farmers’ lives’

Vernon Muso

Well-known Musician & Singer Vernon Muso of the Vaal Triangle writes an open letter to the Minister of Police:
Dear Minister, I am addressing you today in an open letter as a very concerned South African citizen, and I truly hope that this letter, which comes from the bottom of my heart, somehow reaches you.
There is clearly a full-on crime spree on white South African farmers going on in our beautiful country, leaving a trail of blood, devastation and unspeakable hurt in its wake, while it looks like, from where I am sitting, that the SAPS is incapable of stopping this barbaric acts… Mr. Minister, I truly hope that it is indeed “incapable” and not “unwilling” that hampers your efforts to stop this barbarism, because if it’s indeed “incapable”, it means that resources can be added to and suitably deployed to gain the upperhand over these ruthless killers.
I believe in your abilities. I really do. Could you please do more to save white farmers’ lives? Do they deserve to be slaughtered like animals just because of the colour of their skins?
I am devastated to see the absolute brutal nature of these attacks, and I can’t even imagine the horror that the victims of these attacks go through. Please help here, Sir.
I wish you all the best in your remaining term in this seat, and pray that my trust in you is just…
Kind regards
Vernon Muso
(Oh, by the way Mr. Minister… I’m Coloured).

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