The Vaal’s tourism town needs TLC now!

The way residents and tourists would like to think of Deneysville - a holiday destination which offers remarkable scenes like this sunset, captured by photographer Peet Schabort

Mrs Kathy Manten of Deneysville writes:

As we are all aware, Deneysville is a tourist town. Tourism is the only source
of income to many thousands of people due to the fact that they have been
relocated to an area where there is absolutely no industry or infrastructure and
therefore, no chance of finding employment in the area. To make matters even
worse, there is no formal transport system so the residents of Refengkgotso
Deneysville has to make use of expensive taxis and private transport in order to
get to work in the closest industrial area of more than 30 km away.

I find it so sad that we need to keep writing to Metsimaholo in an effort to get
them to do their jobs. The basic maintenance that is required to prevent further
degradation to the infrastructure in town is not done. Items that had already
been paid for and that Metsimaholo is quite happy to allow to go to rack and
ruin and later have to try and find more money in order to replace things that
they have permitted to be destroyed.

Tourists arrive in a filthy dirty town strewn with litter. No municipal dustbins
anywhere. No taxi ranks. Uneven pavements covered in thigh high grass. They hit
their first pothole when barely a 100 m into town. Some of the potholed roads
are so bad that the road hardly exists and residents would be better off if the
remaining few patches of tar were scraped off. The roads are a hazard to road
users. The majority of them have no road signs or road markings. Half the
streetlights in town do not work. Storm water drains are in disrepair and or
blocked with sand. The waste water treatment works is in contravention of its
water use licence agreement and partially treated wastewater flows in close
proximity to residents houses and from there, on towards the Vaaldam and the
Taaibos Spruit.

Furthermore, there are not enough fire hydrants in town. The fire hydrants that
there are, are not maintained or clearly marked. There is no fire department in
Deneysville and it takes a minimum of twenty minutes for a fire truck to get
here by which time any house on fire would have burnt out.

Every year, residents bring up a long list of requirements for the budget. Not
once in the past 15 years has any amount been budgeted for Deneysville. The
2016-2017 budget had an amount for the resurfacing of Main Road, however, we
believe this was put on the budget to try and mollify the residents and we
neither believe that Metsimaholo has the will, the wherewithal or the finances
to carry out the resurfacing.


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