Buckle up!!!

Netcare 911 reported that more and more paramedics are responding to accidents across the country only to find that children are critically injured or killed  because they are not restrained in a car seat, or if they are older, in a seatbelt.

This is not just very taxing on the family but also on the emergency services that has to try to save the child’s life. Every day that we travel on the roads we observe  little children standing in-between the seat of the car, lying on the seats sleeping or sitting on mom or dads lap. This is very bad and a reckless practice, if for some reason the driver has to do an emergency stop, the child will be flung forward at a high speed and then crash into the windshield, or the back of the seats. Heaven forbid that the car overturns and the child is then ejected from the vehicle and lands on the road or under the vehicle. We plead with people this holiday season to please take care and buckle those precious little ones up so that they may enjoy the holidays.

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